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Exrema Co. is a privately held company founded in Ohio in 2010. Our vision is to decrease the consistently high prices for real estate listings on the Internet. One thing you won’t find on Exrema’s website is high-priced, so-called premium services. In June 2016, Exrema launched their own commercial real estate website, spotcre.com, with other websites to follow. Exrema’s mission is to support the commercial brokerage community, as well as individual investors and owners of commercial real estate through spotcre.com, by marketing and finding properties nationwide.

Exrema offers commercial real estate brokers, agents, owners, and investors access to a national listing directory. Visitors may register on our site free of charge to potentially access our free listings service (up to two listings), free search capabilities and free premium services like our featured property system. Those who choose not to register to log in may still make a free, detailed search of our listings.

Exrema offers very reasonable prices for posting more than two listings, with the option of posting up to seven or even fifty listings.

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