What is spotcre.com?
Spotcre.com's mission is to support the commercial brokerage community, as well as individual investors and owners of commercial real estate, by marketing and finding properties. Exrema Co offers commercial real estate brokers, agents, owners, and investors access to a national online listing. The site will display listings of properties for sale or lease in various industries, including healthcare, hospitality, multi-family, office and retail.

What products does spotcre.com offer?
Spotcre.com offers free and paid memberships, property listings, and advertising opportunities.

Does spotcre.com really offer a Free membership with the option to list properties?
Yes, visitors may register on our site free of charge to potentially access our free listings service (up to two listings) and free search capabilities.

Can Free members search the free listings on spotcre.com, or do users need to pay a fee for this?
Anyone can search the entire listings stored in our database, no matter if his membership is free or paid. Even those who choose not to register and log in may still make a free, detailed search of our listings.

What is the cost of your paid memberships?
We offer two paid membership options:
BASIC membership includes management of up to seven listings and can be paid monthly or quarterly. BASIC memberships cost $7.00 per month if paid monthly, or $6.00 per month if paid quarterly. BASIC memberships are most suitable for real estate agents.
TOP membership includes management of up to fifty listings and can be paid quarterly, bi-annually or annually. TOP memberships cost $17.00 per month with quarterly payments, $14.50 per month with bi-annually payments, or $12.50 per month if paid annually. TOP memberships are ideal for real estate agents and brokerage firms.

Is there any subscription for memberships on spotcre.com?
Unlike competitors that require an ongoing subscription, with the clientís credit card being charged automatically, spotcre.com memberships do not have an automatic renewal. Instead, members choose their membership duration and pay via PayPal. Five days prior to the membership expiration, the member will receive an email with renewal instructions. If he chooses not to renew, the membership will automatically go back to the Free level. There are no subscriptions! The only exception is the Free membership; it is a lifetime membership. However, it will be deleted after one year of inactivity, or at the request of the member.

What so-called Premium features does spotcre.com offer, and what do they cost?
This is one question that youíll never need to ask. All of spotcre.com's Premium features are offered free of charge. These Premium features are still being developed, and new ones will be added one by one. They will always remain free.

Why donít you offer any kind of email blasts?
To answer a question with a question, do you, as the user of a listings website, to overhelmed with emails of properties that you not looking for? The honest answer is no! So we at spotcre.com don't offer this kind of marketing.

Do spotcre.com earn extra money with my listed or sold properties?
Spotcre.com will not keep and use a clientís data from listed or sold properties for profit. Spotcre.com is not a data aggregator.

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