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Property Type: Retail
Price: Address: Lankford Circle
Town: Valdosta
ZIP: 31601
State: Georgia
Occupancy : occupied 75 %
Building: 154,000 sq ft.
Land Sq. Ft. : 3.2 acre
Build year : 1979
Build Status : existing
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Lankford Circle, Valdosta, Georgia, 31601


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    Property Description:

    Lucrative market plaza at Lankford Circle Valdosta, Georgia.
    The plaza is already at 75% occupancy, meaning the owner of this retail property is practically guaranteed to profit.
    The graciously populated area of Valdosta will supply the never-ending demand for jobs and business space; and the 13000 thousand students of Valdosta University will need part-time jobs and various living supplies.
    This is without a doubt one of the best investments for a market as it capitalizes on demand and location - two factors that are perfect for this plaza.

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