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Property Type: Health Care
Price: Address: NW 8th St
Town: Evansville
ZIP: 47708
State: Indiana
Occupancy : occupied 75 %
Building: 265,100 sq ft.
Land Sq. Ft. : 2.75 acre
Build year : 1931
Build Status : existing
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NW 8th St, Evansville, Indiana, 47708


  • Test property!

    Property Description:

    Downtown Hospital in pristine shape at NW 8th St Evansville, Indiana.
    Easily accessible and built for health-care efficiency, this property has the potential to become the best hospital in all of Indiana. Already at 75% occupancy, patients and health-care professionals appreciate the structure with its natural warmth and light.
    Itís just waiting to for someone make it achieve all its potential.

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