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Property Type: Retail
Price: Address: 880 Central Park Scarsdal
Town: New York
ZIP: 10583
State: New York
Occupancy : occupied 100 %
Building: 6 sq ft.
Land Sq. Ft. : 0.24 acre
Build year : 2016
Build Status : under_construction
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880 Central Park Scarsdal, New York , New York, 10583


      Property Description:

      Stan Johnson Company is pleased to offer for sale to qualified investors,
      the opportunity to purchase a 100% fee-simple interest in the TD
      Ameritrade property located at 880 Central Park Avenue in Scarsdale
      (Westchester County), NY (the “Property”). The Property is located on
      a significant north/south thoroughfare in Westchester County, and is 30
      miles north of Manhattan, New York City.
      The Property is +/- 6,510 square feet on +/- 0.24 acres with 17 parking
      spaces. TD Ameritrade is operating under a new 15 year lease term,
      immediately followed by two, 5-year option periods. The lease features
      12.5% rental escalations every five years. Additionally, the net lease offers
      landlord limited responsibilities to capital expenditures for the roof,
      structure and maintenance with tenant reimbursement.

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